1+1=3 Systems of Didactic Communication
Media Art, 2014

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Media Art, Interactive, Soundscape, Augmented Reality


1+1=3 Systems of Didactic Communication
The construction of knowledge is a transitional element, as it is build in our minds and through empirical experience. Similarly, in order to experience space – whatever kind – one has to be present. Nonetheless as one is constantly immersed into a space, our mental space or knowledge is constantly producing new paths of connections, either consciously or unconsciously.

Systems of Didactic Communication departs from the predicament of the necessity to notice that space, which today appears to form the horizon of our formation, our theory, our design, is not an innovation. Space itself has a history in composition and in experience, and it is not possible to disregard the fatal intersection of our time with our spaces. The potential of Systems of Didactic Communication are an integral part of this assertion as the outcomes go beyond the addition of knowledge and creativity. 1+1=3 emulates spaces that advocate the use of open systems of communication, which follow the didactic trait in order achieve a spatial unity beyond what one expects to experience.

1+1=3 Systems of Didactic Communication intensifies the question of education not based on knowledge but through creativity. Through this multimodal spatial experience we retraces how and why one may became influenced by creativity through a critique of education itself. Until it leaves its false paths, 1+1=3 demonstrates that knowledge will remain only a wordy dialectic if it is not exerted through creativity.

Through a multimodal and virtual intensity, Systems of Didactic Communication prompts that knowledge and creativity must be rooted in experience for education to become a genuine evolution of knowledge. And in the quest for unanswered questions, the creative dimension of human life and the importance of intuition must be emphasized. A source of enquiry for students as well as educators, 1+1=3 reveals a philosophy that is always dynamic, blending humanity’s creative drive with its mastery in knowledge goes beyond an addition of factors.

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