Architectural Association Visiting School v2.0
Connected Tower - Workshop

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Architecture, Computational Architecture, Workshop, Emergence,
Biological Systems, High-rise


Connected Tower - Workshop.
The second edition of AA Istanbul Visiting School, in collaboration with Istanbul Technical University (ITU), acts as a continuation and augmentation of its first version, “Crafted Tower”. Taught by AA/ITU staff, the School amplifies the concepts of verticality, biological systems, and crafted models in an elaborated agenda during this 7-day long intensive computational setup.

“Connected Tower” tackles the challenge of radically decomposing the tower in order to liberate it from its current fixed typology dominated by the Modernist paradigm. The aim is to set the tower free from the existing binary axioms it is submerged in, which are epitomized as building and city, circulation and habitation, structure and skin. “Connected Tower” redefines verticality as differentiated dynamic systems through computational processes. The tower becomes an extreme testing ground where it can evolve from being a solitary type to a novel vertical system described with the qualities of adaptation, integration, and fluidity. The design process, ‘decomposition-integration’ loop, highlights learning from biological analogies in order to infuse vertical systems with multi-functional qualities. The generation of differentiated verticality is carried out by algorithmic design processes including various scripting platforms. The creations in the digital world are tested and realized with digital fabrication processes involving diverse CNC methods. In relation with the agenda, a series of lectures by leading academics and professionals will be organized as part of the School’s public events.

The dimension of verticality versus horizontality will be put to the test through an online platform linking two independent AA Visiting Schools of contrasting architectural agendas. AA Istanbul and AA Athens will act as design affiliates challenging the two extreme spatial dimensions. Participants are encouraged to join both workshops in order to experience the transition between the two architectural limits.

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