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Media Art, 2006

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Architecture, Computational Architecture, Emergence, Acoustics


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The concept was based in a displacement through a non-linear system of interactive forces, which appear to be random motion connected with turbulence. Observed in close detail this motion, thought chaotic, has regular or stationary regions, similar to the urban. The city-form as an interiority, has a tendency to reproduce itself, remaining similar to itself across its variations and easily recognizable within the range of its components, always seeking public recognition.

The Highline’s form of exteriority is such that it exists only in its own morphing pattern. It exists in an industrial innovation as well as in a mental creation. It doesn’t exist in terms of independence, but in a perpetual symbiotic field. Parametrical functions and programmatic arrangements are in the origin of the projects form. Section of the programmatic arrangements in relation to it's architecture.The project represents the reinforcement of the urban exception "The Highline", in order to attain architectural recognition.

For more information visit the Ephemeral Structures Competition website here