Diamond Project
Architecture, 2008

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Architecture, Computational Architecture, Landmark


Diamond Project
he main theme is a different museum experience; a spatial character that provokes curiosity, constant attention and contributes to communication the spatial awareness created through a multilayer plot reveals a museum concept out of the ordinary.The Diamond Project is intended to instigate new paradigms for Dubai’s social and cultural activities. In its essence The Diamond Project is a contemporary and ambitious public space that unifies science and culture under one architecture. It’s urban implantation aims to connect Dubai’s various urban blocks and has the potential to enhance the quality of life with its functionality.The Diamond Project was developed for Dubai's ThyssenKrupp Architecture Competition in collaboration with Pro-Plan's Architect Hakan Dilman.

The approach has its foundation in the long and renowned history of Islamic Geometries. The scientific history of Islamic Geometries was successful to the point of becoming part of its cultural history, thus affecting art and architecture. Mathematicians such as Muhammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī, Ibn al-Haytham and Omar Khayyám contributed in for the evolution of algebra and analytic geometries. The latter one contributed to the eventual development of non-Euclidean geometry.

These scientific elements are addressed in the project’s name, where its mathematical design structure is denominated the Diamond. The Diamond is a polyform in which the base form is an equilateral triangle, which can evolve into complex compositions, hence the structural forms of this building.

The structural concept merges its geometric relations between groups and subgroups into the structure. Used since the 60’ structural system based on framed tubes. The framed tube structure is a three-dimensional space structure composed of multiple frames, braced frames, or shear walls. These elements are joined at edges to form a vertical tube-like structural system. This system is capable of resisting lateral forces in any direction by cantilevering from the foundation.

For more information visit the ThyssenKrupp website here.