Media Art, 2010

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Media Art, Emergence, Immersion, Morphogenesis


Represents an idiosyncratic logic of designing based on a set of biologic principles involved in the production of an object and the accomplishment of an environment, which includes architecture and media. The exploration merges space and media through embryologic procedures, in order to create an ubiquitous spatial envelope. The work is a technical re-contextualization of biological elements and processes. These denote the genetic code of the object can be scripted and reproduced by means of communication. This departs from the premise that the code of the space is, to a certain extent, related to the artefact’s environmental experience. Hence the project evolves in a continuous media reconfiguration of its elements, along with an adaptive correspondence in the actual space. Thus Emosphera is an envelope of elements surrounding our existence. It is our embryological atmosphere.

In parallel to the fusion of media and architecture dialogue, is the discourse of organic art and architecture where the same objective is part of the process. In this case an embryological process where the power of morphogenesis is not only in its form but also in its holistic system of communication. Thus the project develops a structure from an embryological field, both by tracking molecule movements and its consequent emergent sonic visual and geometrical elements. The evolutionary algorithm is inspired in embryological levels of materialization, where a number of molecules have different characteristics, such as life span, size and form.

These are all part of our biological environment or atmosphere. The work also takes in to consideration the semantics of the word atmos “vapor” + sphaira “ball” and its original definition as “an envelope of gases surrounding the earth or another planet”, where we may extract an organic spatial logic. Hence the interest focus is not only in the pervading tone or mood of a place implied in the architectural definition, but also in the holistic understanding that thoroughly investigates the dynamics of an environment.

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