Immanent Dynamics
New Media Art, 2006

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New Media Art, Digital Art, Installation, Media


Immanent Dynamics
Parallel to the tooling factor the sound scope also expresses some elements of beauty with its dynamic effects. In order to emphasize these dynamic beauties, the project incorporates some levels of customization, including representation techniques, immanent geometries and sound.

The program incorporates a base script “Dancing Quad” developed by Jeff Molofee. The project visual customization will also allow some level of interaction which would permit direct sound towards a deformation of the plane. The aim of “Immanent Dynamics” is to achieve a customizable representational sound scope which also has an aesthetic expression output.

Technically the script will base a source code in both Portaudio and OpenGL systems which distorts a plane according to direct sound interaction. To achieve full potential of FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) data use sounds with silent portions, bass and a good range of sound since the code is based on frequency and amplitude of sound.

The project will build upon these features several display modes, by inserting new geometries to the plane by using precompiled objects and display lists in the program. It also will be added a basic interaction using colour features.

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