Manta Project
Acoustics, 2012

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Responsive Architecture, Computational Architecture, Acoustics, Media


Manta Project
Manta represents the potential of multidisciplinary design, that required expertise in architecture, fabrication, interactive technology and acoustics. The project was set by Guillermo Bernal, Eric Ameres, Zackery Belanger and Seth Edwards, with the support of SmartGeometry and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute‘s Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center.

Manta is a surface that changes its form – and therefore acoustic character – in response to multimodal input including sound, stereoscopic vision, multi-touch, and brainwaves. While adaptable acoustics are common, Manta explores new levels of continuity and responsiveness, advancing acoustic systems beyond individual elements and corrective treatment.

Manta is comprised of CNC machined panels and connectors of two thicknesses of high-density polyethylene, and curved forms result from a combination of triangulation and bending stiffness: geometry and material in concert. The result is a controlled morphing that is suspended at a minimum of points.

For more information visit the Archdaily website here.Or the SmartGeometry website here.