Media Art, 2007

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Architecture, Computational Architecture, Emergence, Morphogenesis


Nurbulation[s] project is based on the morphogenetic process of Gastrulation. The process happens when an early cell-embryo in which the ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm are established. This process forms multilayered unicellular elements by means of determination (Fate Maps), differentiation (Blastoderm), functionality (Morphogenetic Fields) and cell lineage (Phylogenesis).

Fate Maps are extra-embryonic signals informing extra-embryonic cells of their Morphogenetic Fields, this process is called (FGF) Fibroblast Growth Factor. The FBF signals are sent within intra-cellular pathways via Bio-Molecular connections in a binary format, allowing the cells to embody emergent behaviors.

As the Fate Maps try to communicate with neighboring objects they form a Morphogenetic Fields, which allows an evolutionary and development growth equivalent to the (Fibroblast Growth Factor). The signals are sent continuously within intra-object pathways via CV communication, allowing simultaneously to transpose the characteristics between elements, as well as, to know their positioning within the morphogenetic field. If the cells stop communicating between them they will eventually fall out of the field and die, creating in this manner a cell lineage (Phylogenesis).

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