Izmir Opera House Project
Architecture, 2008

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Architecture, Computational Architecture, Museum, Acoustics


Izmir Opera House Project
Izmir Bay North Shore, the Karsiyaka district located in the area and specification attached to the plans in the Cultural Facility as a segregated area and its environs belong to the program in accordance with the cultural, artistic, potential value will answer the Opera House and landscaping project is to obtain.

Izmir emerged from the sea, belongs to the sea and will live from the sea. This statement has geographical, cultural and social connotations.There concept develop from an acoustical appropriation of sonic waves in specific sine waves. Nonetheless the Increase the harmonics of a sine-wave allows the definition of triangle,square and sawtooth waves, elements which compose the architectural geometries. Based on a traditional harbor spatial organization the function is layer out through a relation of spaces that defines the required areas, adding these to the practicality and materiality of an harbor through the use of open areas built from concrete, metal and wood.