[Re]Frag Disk
Media Art, 2007

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Media Art, Interactive, Visualization Information


[Re]Frag Disk
[Re]frag Disk is intended to give a spatial deepness to the defragmented environments of hard disk. The visualization will provide a 4 dimensional (3 spatial plus time) way to structure elemental folder relations and constructs, according to the hardisk’s environment that is used in windows. Usually this environment can be displayed in the “defragment disk” application, where the user’s has a visual map of the computer’s files and folders.

In this project, instead of the fixed color scheme, these maps have correlation, either strong or weak, which by themselves are the dynamic structure of the visualization. These connection are regulated by attractions according to the field they would be inserted to, for example Program Files and My Documents have a strong weak attractions according to inserted external relational patterns.

Technically the script will base the code in Processing and use the OpenGL library. This project which intents to act as an individual Refragment od hardrive space by providing a general view of personal organizational and relational interests.The data structure is organized by main categories of folders and subcategories of program Files. The data can accessed by clicking the nodes directly, providing the respective links to the files or folders.