Architecture, 2003

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Architecture, Computational Architecture, Landmark, Media


A Topo-Scope is a monument erected on hills, mountains or high places which indicates the direction, and usually the distance, to notable landscape features which can be seen with the naked eye from that point. However for this project there was another understanding, as it can transform from an object with a defined spatial configuration - physical form, to an almost “invisible” - virtual object, and finally link to a hyper text which by itself it is a continuos overlapping amount of information in time and space, a Topo-Scope. In collaboration with Arch. Spiros Papadimitriou, among others.

That can be possible only by the use of imagination, the wish, which make it to exist as a possibility of these two parts to become one. The Topo-Scape acts like a symbol - landmark the deformation of the column it is a link to ancient Greece, the result, which is a continuous process of computed aided manufacturing, is an no - shape object that could be an enlargement of a part of a Greek sculpture, a knee for example.

The no-shape form helps the imagination to take place.'Ugly' in Greek means, an object without shape, which becomes an idea, not a form.The analogies of the Greek column, height, the diameter of the base and top, ii is a starting point for the deformation to take place the common division of the column is 24 vertical lines, and nine horizontal as many as the modules pieces by which is composed we use a column as a starting point because of the idea which represent in ancient Greece, because of its image, the relation of shadow and light of the vertical lines, and finally because of the way it is composed by different , perfectly handmade pieces the ancient Greek column is a symbol, an image and an idea.

Three movies are projected in the interior of the surface, their orientation is creating a triangle shape in plan. One projection is for the history of Olympic Games, one is for the event that will take place, and the third is about globalization, projection in real time of world wide web or television channels around the world.

The three projectors play randomly (algorithmic coordination) one or another movie so all the different subjects to be visible in the space the is an overlapping of space and time according to the table the form, sur-face change to different stages of opaque to transparent as a randomly coordination (controlled by computer), of three parameters: history, events, global events.

For more information visit the Ephemeral Structures Competition website here