Turku Urban Regeneration
Urbanism, 2004

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Architecture, Computational Architecture, Regeneration, Urbanism


Turku Urban Regeneration
Mentioned repeatedly in the competition brief "the last green hill..."is the base of project. And decomposing the phrase it means money and environment. An antagonist duality of the urban, and to me the reason and the aim of the competition. To this composition and to the incapacity of handling it, we still have to add the undefined, uncharacterized urban situation the limits between residential zone and industrial zone.

In the area there is an absence of cultural points (libraries, cinemas, theatres, universities and museums). The reason for this desert of cultural points it was the localization and the previous program of the area and the vicinity of the industrial zone. In fact that is one thing taking into account, because of what it can generate inside the area and in the urban level.

Concluding this analysis by adding that this is that in the area they don't have these facilities we mentioned but they do have them all around Turku. Still by using the obvious functions adding the existing site identity we can generate something unique in the city "There is no masked city...". The spaces are composed of modular rigid existing buildings. Providing into the urban area a transition element, with a strong spatial identity (industry and individual spaces) working simultaneously in several urban levels (cultural, commercial, residential) but keeping its character untouched.