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Established in 2003 by Muge Belek and Frederico Fialho, [f]FLAT Architectures is an environment to research and develop architectural and media art works. The space provides the ground to develop works with the emphasis in transvergent methodologies and techniques in design. In reaction to a world built on concepts, [f]FLAT uses percepts and affects as is an extended mode of relating to life.

The ongoing research aims to assess novel constructs, in which pancomputational strategies generate multimodal spaces as design conditions.

With strong links to academia, [f]FLAT consciously aims to transfer the research into practice without bypassing the intensive design structure requisite for constant innovation.

Media Arts and Technology
University of California
Future Places
Ephemeral Structures Competition
Naval Museum Competition

Alan Istanbul
AA School of Architecture
Istanbul Biennale
ITU Faculty of Architecture
MEF School of Architecture
National Geographic
Perception Network
ProPlan Acoustics
Rotterdam Biennale
and more...


Muge Belek
is an architect, researcher and lecturer at Istanbul Technical University(ITU). She holds a BSc. in architecture, a MSc. on “Collaborative Design Studio Environments” from ITU, and MArch from Architectural Association School of Architecture Design Research Laboratory. She has worked in several architectural firms, including Zaha Hadid Architects Ltd, in London, Istanbul and Brazil.

She holds a PhD focused on Trans-Architectural Acoustics, during which she worked for two years with Marcos Novak in University of California Santa Barbara, Translab. She has published articles and interviews, and presented in several international conferences and exhibitions. She has also been awarded in multiple competitions and events.

Frederico Fialho Teixeira
is an architect, media artist and academician currently at MEF University, School of Art, Design and Architecture.He initially graduated in Architecture and Urbanism and holds an graduate degree in History of Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture University of Porto. The academic development evolved towards an M.Arch. from the Architectural Association School of Architecture Design Research Laboratory, which culminated with a doctoral degree in Architectural Design.

His academic experiences include being researcher and Awarded Fellow at University of California Santa Barbara in the department of Media Art and Technology, based at the California Nano Systems Institute. Professionally he worked for architectural offices that include Zaha Hadid Architects Ltd.Presently, his studies fall into the areas of Computational Architecture and Spatial Arts with a focus in Biological Paradigms. These professional and academic experiences were crucial for the development of his works, which have been awarded published and exhibited in multiple international programs and stages.